November 23, 2022by FIPS Multilinks

Hi everyone, I’m Oluwatobi Oladele, the Managing Director of FIPS Multilinks, a reputable real estate development company in Nigeria and Ghana.

Sitting in my office just this week, I got a pop-up reminder on Google Photos showing me a throwback photo from 12 years ago, and it just brought up some memories, then I realized how much real estate saved my life. Some of us can remember when Nigeria went into recession in the year 2015, and one decision SAVED MY LIFE!

A backstory, I’d resign my bank job from the then MainStreet bank (Now Polaris Bank) early 2013, to start my entrepreneurship journey, as a young entrepreneur who was eager to delve into different businesses, I had some money and I did a lot of business then, going into buying shares, and selling other products, my dear friend @Olaide Lawal convinced me to buy a property in Abuja for just 450k. To be honest, I didn’t think it was anything serious, I just found it as a way to just keep my money. Little did I know that that single decision would SAVE MY LIFE FROM BANKRUPTCY.

In 2016, Nigeria happened to us all, most of my business ventures crumbled, all my investments didn’t yield profit, and I didn’t know what to do until it suddenly dawned on me that I had a land somewhere. Ladies and gentlemen, to my greatest surprise, that single plot was worth 5 millions, I sold that property, and suddenly I knew what I needed to do.

I had started a facility maintenance company in 2014, so I used the sales proceeds from this property as the initial deposit to get a 10 acres of land at Epe, Lagos to kick start the property development arm of FIPS MULTILINKS LIMITED in 2018, with the core objective of making home ownership a reality to all. That was the best decision ever and the beginning of great things.

I can say that since 2018, we have sold out over 7 land scheme estate, 3 building estate and currently have 5 ongoing projects in Lagos, Nigeria.
We’re about to launch our affordable mass housing scheme targeted at middle and low income earners across the 36 state of Nigeria including the FCT, making Home Ownership a Reality to all at a most cost effective way.

Do you need a guaranteed lifeline that would save you and your family in the future?
You should invest in Real Estate! I can say from personal experience that IT IS THE REAL DEAL!

In a bid to provide secure investment that guarantees wealth, we presently run a Property Buy Back Scheme (PBBS) which offers you an opportunity to buy from any of our estate and sell it back to us with up to 100% ROI. It is totally Genuine and Secure!
I could get you started and guide you toward the right property to invest in based on your budget. Send me a DM, and let’s get you started on an assuredly high return investment.