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Our services can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We can either offer an integrated development service where we work with you at the concept stage or a Project and Construction Management service to your existing development.

Our property development services work on different levels. We help you evaluate the potential of an existing development site, preparing concept designs and cost structures to realize the true value and add notional value to your site.

The property development process requires extensive planning with attention to detail. To ensure a smooth process, the development project must be managed correctly in order to minimize potential risks and maximize profit. By selecting a competent project manager and utilizing expert consultants, you can save money and minimize unwanted issues arising throughout your property development process. For any project, FIPS Multilinks has the ability to coordinate specialized consultants including landscape architects, town planners, civil and hydraulics engineers and architects/building designers.

We can assess your existing site or work with you to source potential new sites to suit your budget and your vision. Don’t just think that this is for large multi-million naira sites only…. There is possible potential in any site and we can help you discover it.

We offer a free high-level assessment. We’ll tell you in simple terms what you can and can’t do on your site but we’ll also give you a few pointers to take it to the next stage

Be assured that we are not real estate agents dabbling in construction projects, we are a dedicated team of licensed professional Project and Construction specialists with hands-on experience in design, construction and project management. We will deliver your project and not just be a middle man.

Our integrated property development services include:

  • Finding the right site for you including pre-purchase feasibility studies and development analysis using our 30 years of property experience. This ensures that you enter into any transaction with your “eyes wide open”.
  • Evaluating town planning and development issues.
  • Finance procurement through leading banks and mortgage brokers ensuring that you obtain competitive finance.
  • Design management using an architectural team experienced in designing projects with a strong market appeal that can be built economically.
  • Comprehensive design and cost assessment for your independent verification prior to any final commitment.
  • Town planning approval procurement as well as surveying and subdivision services using the resources of our experienced team and senior consultants.
  • Construction project management and administration to ensure your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. We can safely say this because of our track record of which we are extremely proud.
  • Finding the right joint venture partners to help you finance your project.
  • Marketing co-ordination using our network of agents to sell or lease your property for you at top market prices.


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