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A lot of us gets that feeling in our stomach, you know that feeling they call butterfly in your belly?? That feeling of anxiousness not knowing what next year holds for you. For some people it is the feeling of satisfaction looking at their 2022 new year resolution and seeing that all they had written...


Hi everyone, I’m Oluwatobi Oladele, the Managing Director of FIPS Multilinks, a reputable real estate development company in Nigeria and Ghana. Sitting in my office just this week, I got a pop-up reminder on Google Photos showing me a throwback photo from 12 years ago, and it just brought up some memories, then I realized...


Real estate investment in Nigeria is has proven over time to be a lucrative investment with relatively low variability of returns. With an investment in real estate, you are sure your investments are protected from inflation, guaranteed cash flow, and have a source of passive income. In Nigeria, the real estate market presents diverse opportunities...


Real estate is one of the best investments to get into, it has so many advantages. It provides you with passive income, a steady cash flow and it increases in value overtime. However, this processes can be difficult to grasp with a lot of terms being thrown around. Having a basic understanding of real estate...


In buying land, just like in any business arrangement, documentation is essential. Documentation is the recording of the details of business transactions and the gathering of materials that provide official information or evidence that serves as a record of the transaction. The importance of documentation in real estate cannot be overstressed. It is important to...

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