Olomowewe Town, Ibeju-Lekki

Own a piece of

Lagos Real Estate Masterpiece
Own a piece of

Lagos Real Estate Masterpiece
With Only  ₦7,500,000



Earn Up To 100% Return On Investment.
No story !!


Secured Investment


Good ROI

About FIPS Buy-Back Scheme

Invest in land with confidence through our hassle-free buyback offer. The buy back offer, gives investors an opportunity to invest in real estate, which simply means the client pays for the property outright.

Our buy back offer gives investors an opportunity to buy any of our properties and then in return gives you an ROI for a stipulated time that ranges from 12 – 30 months.


Buy a plot of land outrightly and we will buy it back from you

How it works



Fill in your bio-data



Choose your plan and amount



Make your payment



Get your documents


Our Buy Back offers give you up to 100% ROI. Guaranteed buy back!!

Pay an Initial Deposit of ₦500,000 and Get instant allocation

300SQM & 600SQM

300SQM & 600SQM

300SQM & 600SQM

300SQM & 600SQM

Why Invest

Incredible Offer

Treasury Bills are currently at an all time low of 0.5% and the uncertainty of the stock exchange; The FIPS Investment Plan is offering up to 100% ROI over a period of 12– 30 Months

Secured Investment

In partnership with a leading insurance company and a major CBN licensed bank acting as trustee; your investment is guaranteed full security

Multiple Earnings

Aside from your ROI as an investor, you can earn massive commission through referrals. FIPSvest pays an incredible commission for all referrals.

Epe Resort and Spa

10 minutes drive to IBÙDÓ

Yaba Tech, Epe Campus

3 minutes drive to IBÙDÓ

Lekki-Epe International Airport

10 minutes drive to IBÙDÓ

St. Augustine University

2 minutes drive to IBÙDÓ

Atlantic Hall School

6 minutes drive to IBÙDÓ


What is Buy Back

The land is totally free from government acquisitions, commitments, omo-onile issues and there are no adverse claimants.

How long can my investment stay before investing

We have 6months, 12months and 24months investment duration plan you can choose from.

How can I start once i'm interested

Kindly fill our FIPSvest Subscription Form and make payment into any of the company’s bank account, once we receive a proof of payment, you’ll be issued an investment certificate and your investment will start running.

What do I get after completion of investment fee

Receipt of payment, Investment Contract Agreement and Investment Certificate

What happens if I cannot complete payment or default in my payment?

Upon default in instalment, the contract automatically extends to the next instalment plan. Sub charges will be applicable based on the next instalment plan and same will be communicated to the purchaser. Non-payment of instalment for more than 3 months consecutively without a written notice via e-mail to the company shall be considered a fundamental breach of the contract and the company shall make a refund on the total paid value of the land less 30% (25% administration fees and 5% default fees).

Can I make payment for the land buy back scheme to your marketers ?

While we are not discrediting any of our marketers, we strongly advice that all payment should be made in favor of FIPS MULTILINKS LIMITED. We would not accept any responsibility or liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.