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It is no news any more that Naira went to an all-time high of #1,300 to 1$, immensely reducing the purchasing power of Naira, Just like now, some years ago when Inflation was causing chaos.

My money was shrinking, and I felt like I was losing a game I didn’t even know I was playing. That’s when I discovered real estate investment


Imagine playing a game where your money is disappearing, and you don’t even know the rules. That’s exactly what happens when your hard-earned money saved in the bank keeps losing its value and purchasing power, I kept losing to the game, it seemed it was completely rigged against me.

But the story gradually changed when I found out a saving hero – which was investing in real estate.


Investing in real estate is like having a superhero by your side. While inflation is making everything more expensive, your property’s value is going up, making your money strong.

I invested in some properties I could afford at the time, that was how my real estate investment in Nigeria journey started and for the first time, it felt like I was having a good stand against inflation.

But it didn’t stop there – I took another step and rented out some of my properties. Every month, rent money came in, untouched by inflation. It’s like having a secret stash of gold coins that never loses its shine, giving you a steady income.

Real estate values have a great history of growing more than inflation rates. This means your money not only keeps its power but grows, securing your financial future like a fortress.

In a world that’s not what it used to be, real estate has stood the test of time. It’s not just an investment; it’s a journey toward wealth creation, passive income, and having real things you can touch

Now, you might be wondering, “Where can I invest in a good property in a great location that ensures a good return on investment? we’ll look at how to find properties that make money. We’ll discuss about market trends and what makes a property a good investment We’re about to find those answers together.

Finding the Right Place to Invest

Now, let’s answer the big question, where can you invest in a good property in a great location? We’ll explore the world of real estate to find the best opportunities.

First, you Start by figuring out how much you can spend. It’s like planning a cool adventure – you need to know your budget before you hit the road,

Investing in a property is Just like finding the trendiest hangout spots, look for places that are buzzing with growth. New neighborhoods and areas on the rise can mean more value for your investment.

You should always go for places that promise long-term value. Real estate is not a sprint; it’s a marathon, so it’s in your best interest not to look for quick cash out.

Fipsmultilinks has properties that are located in areas that have been ticked to have high ROI and an efficient payment plan system that can help you navigate any exchange rate fluctuations. To learn more about our properties and payment plans, simply click the button below to start a conversation.

Getting the Most from Your Investment

Once you find the right property in the right place, the next step is making it work for you.

Think of your property as a canvas, ready for transformation. Smart upgrades, whether landscaping or adding valuable amenities, can significantly boost its appeal and potential rent or resale value. It’s like adding the finishing touches to a masterpiece.

Engage in strategic partnership, Just as a successful collaboration in the music industry can create magic, partnering with developers or local businesses can turn your property into a profitable venture.

Explore joint ventures or lease agreements that align with your investment goals

Whether you’re a pro or just starting, real estate has lots of chances., where your money not only stays strong but grows, giving you a secure foundation for your financial future.

Lastly engage in effective maintenance of your properties, whether it’s handling paperwork, ensuring compliance, or addressing environmental considerations, a well-managed property is a valuable one.

In the end, real estate isn’t just a hero – it’s your reliable superhero against financial challenges. As we start this journey together, the goal is to give you the knowledge to build a strong real estate portfolio.


Let’s explore real estate together, making sure you stay strong against financial challenges. Your journey to financial success begins now.

I’m also curious to hear your experiences with how these money changes have affected your real estate investments.

Author: Moses Adewale Gbadamosi

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