1. Please read this form carefully before filling same.
2. This form should be completed in BLOCK LETTERS only.
3. Please supply accurate information only (All information supplied will be treated as confidential).
4. The passport photo to be attached must be a recent one and reflect the true likeness of the
individual applying or that of an authorizing officer of the establishment making the application.
5. Direct all enquiries to FIPS Multilinks Limited (See contact details on the last page)
6. Names will appear on your title documents as filled on this form. Any subsequent
alteration on your documents will attract the sum of N10,000.
7. Filling this form without payment of the deposit does not create any obligation
between subscriber(s) and the company

PAYMENT OPTION please tick as appropriate

Swap your Car for a Land

Why park that car down without any use when it’s not generating any returns but rather depreciating it’s value over time.

Swap it with a land that has high appreciation rate today.