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Investing in Nigerial real estate market is a brillint move, but a more brilliant move is investing in real estate in an area that is still developing such as Epe is a more brilliant move, Epe is an area on the outskirts of Lagos, a hidden gem that’s gaining serious traction in the real estate market that is fast expanding. In recent years, it has emerged as one of Lagos’s most sought-after areas for real estate investment. In Epe, there is a 110% rise in demand for real estate, and the land is going quickly. We’ll talk about why Epe properties in Lagos are selling quickly, in this post and why you should buy Epe right now.

Epe is projected to develop into a large industrial hub and megacity by 2025. Additionally, land costs in Epe are rapidly rising.

Epe properties have a high appreciation rate and value of 90% - 100% annually

Epe offers significant potential returns on investment, making it a wise choice to invest. Epe has great potential for financial appreciation on real estate investments, particularly given the area’s continuous development. In the upcoming years, there will likely be a greater demand for real estate in Epe, which will drive up real estate costs.

Epe is located amidst major developments

To begin with, Epe is a strategically important place with a lot of promise. Epe is situated adjacent to the Dangote Refinery and the Lekki Free Trade Zone. Numerous people have flocked to the area as a result of these two massive projects, including workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The Dangote Refinery is expected to be Africa’s largest oil refinery, and the Lekki Free Trade Zone is a premier economic hub that offers a favourable climate for company expansion. These massive projects have elevated Epe to the status of a desirable place to invest in real estate.

Strategic Location

Strategically positioned on the outskirts of Lagos, Epe is more than just a suburb. It’s a gateway to exciting opportunities. With ongoing infrastructural developments like the Epe Marina Project and the Lekki-Epe Expressway expansion, this is a prime location on the rise.

Epe champions universities and colleges

Epe gives investors a sense of what they can do with the site by bragging about its institutions and universities. The well-known Yaba College of Technology, Augustine University, and Michel Otedola College all have campuses in Epe. This has prompted investors to build numerous other educational infrastructure projects, including restaurants and hostels.

Tourist Appeal

Epe isn’t just a place to live; it’s a destination to explore. The Epe Mangrove Conservation Tour, the historical Epe Fish Market, and the Oluwo of Epe’s Palace are just a few gems waiting to be discovered. Investing here means being part of a community that values its heritage.

Epe is affordable

Landed property is increasing in value quickly, since Epe is still a developing area of Lagos state with adequate road networks. Here, you can still purchase a piece of property for as little as 400,000 naira if you’re ready to make an investment.


To sum up, purchasing Epe lands and houses in Lagos is a wise move. With its advantageous position, reasonably priced real estate, room for expansion and development, plenty of natural resources and tourism destinations, and potential for large returns on investment, Epe has a lot of potential. Consider Epe as a potential real estate investment destination if you’re planning to make one.

Author: Moses Adewale Gbadamosi

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